Does God exist. Part One.

Where do I start on the God question

-Whether the existence of God is purely a matter of religion

-Whether the knowledge of the existence of God is faith based and not evidence based

Objection 1

It seems that the God concept is purely a religious invention. For man in his knowledge gap attributes what he cannot explain to an act of the supernatural. Therefore human beings invented God in the name of religion in their pursuit of answers.

Objection 2

It seems that the evidence for Gods existence is purely faith based. For religion is a matter of faith. And since God is an invention of man through religion, therefore it takes faith and not evidence to believe in the existence of God.

On the contrary, even without religion or faith, the question of origin of the universe and life still remains. And it is the question of origin that necessitates the consideration of the possibility of the existence of a creator.

Reply to Objection 1

I answer that, in every man exists the curious wonder of the question of origin. And it is unnecessary to invoke religion from the onset. For the question of origin is as much a question of reasoning as it is a question of religion or science. Further, religion provides an identity of this divine intelligent being, while the question of origin of the universe and life leads to the conclusion that such a divine intelligent being exists. Therefore the starting point for anyone considering the existence of God should be the question of origin and not religion. For no identity of such a being can be accepted if the existence of this being is not demonstrated.

Reply to objection 2

I answer that, faith in the Christian sense has everything to do with salvation and trusting in the promises of God, but nothing to do with acknowledging the existence of God. For the knowledge of the existence of God  can be fully demonstrated from what exists and from self evident truths as shown in other articles written. But such self evident truths have nothing to do with faith, therefore the argument for Gods existence is not faith based but rather evidence based. Hence it follows that the starting point for anyone considering the God question is not a leap of faith but a genuine search of truth from the self evident knowledge revealed by the creator.

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