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The right automation tools and solutions can help you improve efficiency and market reach.


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Supercharge Your Business with a Beautiful Website

Our mobile-friendly websites stay relevant as the digital world evolves, we will build a web presence that helps you generate leads and increase your social following.

Dedicated Customer Support in 4-12 hours

We are a devoted team providing you with round the clock dedicated customer support.
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What We Do

Recognizing that every company has different needs, the Breyta Urban team centers its services around three core pillars: Strategy, Design, and Automation. We are a company that provides business service automation solutions. We deliver comprehensive and innovative products and services to help businesses modernize and automate their operations.
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In our experience, the greatest value any business can gain from a website is that of exposure. Our sites don’t just look great and work well — we design them with conversion in mind.

We offer a wide range of digital services and we work with small and large budgets. The price of our services varies with the size and scope of the project.We offer a range of affordable web design service packages from as little as $100

A modern website can be crucial to the success of a company, in many ways. Breyta’s team works closely with you to create a user-friendly site that displays your core values to potential customers in an engaging way. A professional website reflects the sophistication of the business it represents. But one thing is always true: it must accomplish its primary tasks – which are typically generating leads, increasing customer awareness, and boosting sales.

Breyta Urban designs websites for bakeries, retail stores, restaurants, artists, galleries, and much more. We make your business work harder in the digital world.

 We are an automation service provider that aims to help you make the most of your investment in the sector by offering a variety of services from cloud accounting, to sale of digital products and solutions tailored to make the start and execution of your business as seamless as possible.

A next-generation crafty marketplace for creatives and entrepreneurs alike.

We are a marketplace for creatives and entrepreneurs. With top quality products, strategic automation solutions and a focus on creating a professional space that balances the needs of designers with those of automation solution providers, we’ve created a space where you can use your talents to the best of your ability.

Web Design

Our responsive web design will give your site the best chance of ranking high in search engines, and be mobile-friendly

Mobile App Design

We design and develop clean, sophisticated mobile apps for a number of Android and iOS-based devices.

UI & UX Design

We create beautifully optimized and responsive mobile and web designs and animate your site and app with pixel perfect scrolling for better conversion

Accounting & Book-keeping

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Graphic Items

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Digital & Multivendor Market Place

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